The dream of StirPot begun when my beautiful wife so eloquently imposed the task of washing and chopping vegetables as a part of Dinner preparation process, while sitting in an air-conditioned cab on her way back to home from office. And here I am, missing 30 minutes game of my favorite football team; all because, I have to wash & chop vegetables and keep everything ready.

All this hassle is not because me and my wife meticulously preach and believe the principles of Feminism and Gender Equality; this is because we want to spend more time together creating memories & be more productive and spend or allocate less time in kitchen while enjoying healthy meal.

So, we started dreaming about an idea; what-if we get our favorite freshly chopped vegetables and other ingredients in a box, every day or whenever we want? That too, with some easy-to-cook recipes and instructions. Wouldn’t that make our life easier and save time for us? Also, wouldn’t this help us to avoid ordering preserved and pre-cooked food from restaurants and cafes?

Now, we have formulated this idea and created StirPot; where you can order awesome boxes full of healthy, fresh and ready to cook vegetables & ingredients with recipes.

We invite you to explore our box types and give us a chance to serve you with extra care.